Meet the blessed ‘Charioteers’!!! 

We started the morning with the wonderful celebration of Mass at St. Anne’s Church. There was not a dry grandparent eye in the place as we viewed the statue of Jesus’s grandmother, St. Anne, depicted with her daughter Mary…

 Then the blessed ‘Charioteers’ kicked in as we headed back through the cobblestone stepped paths of Old Jerusalem. Again, I can not thank my fellow pilgrims enough for stepping up to ‘carry the chariot’. It was another day of unbelievable amounts of steps through winding beautiful century old cobblestone paths-but certainly not ADA approved-:)!! They managed the bags (Thank you Kris, Molly and Ruth!) and offered prayerful ‘charioteer’ support from every corner. Their prayers were overwhelming to this humbled soul. Please meet the ‘Charioteers’…our fellow Pilgrims on a mission to make sure that yours truly could experience everything possible!! They even propped me up and held on to me for the picture on the steps to the Agony in the Garden at the Holy Sepulcher Church. I pray you can hear me applauding their unbelievable efforts!! Here are the selfless ‘Charioteers’!!

Then we were on our way to walk the Via Dolorosa, or “Way of the Cross”. It winds along the cobblestone streets of Old Jerusalem from Ecce Homo Convent to the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. This is the traditional route Jesus followed bearing His cross from Pilate’s Judgement Hall to Calvary Hill, the site of the crucifixion. We even carried our own cross to re-live Jesus’s path. Here are Sharon and Jack now leading the first steps of the journey to Calvary. 

I have chosen a few pictures, so that you might be a part of the journey. Via Dolorosa winds through the cobblestone streets with vendors doing their daily business along the way as pilgrims fervently and prayerfully walk the Way of the Cross (or Sorrows).




 This is the window if the room where Jesus was stripped of His clothes.  

    Our lunch in Old Jerusalem had some great views from the variety of vendors to the men tucked in a side alley quietly puffing on their hookahs (pipes).

   We then headed to Mount Zion to view the Upper Room, where it is believed the Last Supper occurred and to the tomb of David. Some of today’s favorite pics…-:)!!  

  Looking up to Calvary just as you enter the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre.  
Within the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre there are many religions with their own personal prayer space area. This is the open area, adjacent to Jesus’s tomb, which hosts the Roman Catholic services. The picture is of St. Mary Magdeline approaching Christ during the Way of the Cross. 



About oxleysadventures

I am a recently retired superintendent of schools about to launch on a freighter adventure with my husband, Bud, a retired optometrist!
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3 Responses to Meet the blessed ‘Charioteers’!!! 

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Karel,

    Your trip is certainly a once in a lifetime adventure. Sooooooo very sorry to hear about your injury. Do you have a Doctor among you pilgrims? I have no doubt that Easter and Christmas will take on a whole new depth of meaning for you and Bud after this trip. You are living so much history!

    Safe journey in and around the Holy Land and home again.

    Love yas,


    Carol Niggemyer

    Phone: 419-334-3823

  2. Venda Levy says:

    Oh dear Karel, so sorry to hear the unfortunate news about your mishap. I’m sending you energy healing and prayers your way! Hopefully you’ll recover quickly! Thank you for sharing all the AMAZING pictures of your journey. Very interesting! 🙂

  3. Cheryl Kocher says:

    My very favorite!! You are truly blessed to be doing this:). Cheryl K

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