Loving the Capetown experience..

Water is a real shortage in Capetown. The situation has been very challenging for this city. It was suggested that we time our showers with a three minute egg timer which appears on the door of each of our showers. Amazing efforts have been put into effect to advert this crisis and the South Africans are gaining ground.

However, it did bring a chuckle to us as we entered a beautiful winery today and were greeted with the following sign…

It was a great day with drives to Stellenbosch where we enjoyed a wine tasting and toasted to dear friends at the Lanzerac Estate.

We then drove to the culinary and wine center of Franschhoek, South Africa


We finished up the afternoon with a final tasting at Fairview Winery near Paarl. They not only provided great wines but excellent cheeses for the pairings.

Of course…we also had to let the fun shopping begin. SO many options….of course, restraint was the order of the day…-:)!!!

A great last day in Capetown…tomorrow off to our first safari.

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What a GREAT day-:)!!

We started our day off in Capetown with a spectacular cablecar ride up to the vistas of Table Mountain… take a peek at the beautiful sights from the top…

Then we met the ‘dassies’ along the way….cuddly little creatures perilously perched on the cliff edges…

Then we headed to Robben Island. This is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. The guide and Mandela were inmates together on Robben Island. It was a moving story of how Mandela began his ‘long walk to freedom’.

Here is his actual cell where he lived for his 18 years of imprisonment…

This is the former prisoner who told the story of what it was like to be here with Nelson Mandela who was known only as #466/64.

Pictured here is a garden Mandela grew to try and keep spirits up with his inmates.

On a lighter note in the day we enjoyed one of the best mime’s ever …who managed to sneak a wink at my sister upon her departure…

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On the way to the Cape of Good Hope…

Look who decided to join us on our drive…..baboons-:)!!

Reaching the actual Cape of Good Hope…tip of Africa ( almost-:)!!) ….more shipwrecks than any other Cape in the world.

Gorgeous flowers along the way…Capetown’s spring is in full bloom with exotic flowers!!

Amazing drives and scenery along the way…

Sister Gail truly enjoying her ‘Bucket List Dream’-:)!!

The infamous African penguins…

Interesting lunch of Cape Malia stew with our new traveling companions joining in on the fun❤️!!

Tomorrow to Table Mountain and Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was in-prisoned.

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First dinner in Capetown…

You have to LOVE those mussels👍❤️!!! The sight seeing begins tomorrow….

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We have landed in Capetown!!

We have been up and traveling for over 24 hours and JUST arrived in Capetown…fresh as a daisy…lol!!

The flight from JFK to Johannesburg was 16 hours. We landed, went through customs, retrieved our luggage and then we “raced” through J-Burg airport to catch another two hour internal flight to Capetown. We have arrived at our hotel and are about to start exploring the Victoria and Alfred Harborside👍!!!

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Girls Going Wild in Africa!!

September 13, 2018

As unbelievable as it may seem…the entire ‘Bucket list -Dream Trip”to Africa has come together!! Molly, Robin, my sister Gail and myself have all successfully met in NYC where we will leave in a few minutes for Capetown.

We had lots of fun at the JFK airport in our FUN attire…greeting Gail as she arrived from San Francisco.

Off to Africa-:)!!!

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Post Pilgrimage Knee Update

Everyone put a huge smile on their face😄…for this update…

Upon our return we went ASAP to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees. Looks like this pilgrim managed to complete the entire pilgrimage with a broken patella (knee cap) 😁!! I can only thank my beloved husband and all my fellow pilgrims who literally carried and prayed me through to the completion of this amazing journey!! Their acts of mercy were beyond measure!!

The broken patella knee outcome –I now have a three month  ‘opportunity’ to live in and adjust to my new full leg, 24 hour a day,  immovable brace with the additional perspective of managing it all from a walker-:)!!  No weight on that left leg for three months (pretty lousy excuse for me to get out of all that holiday cooking🍗🍰! 

Hoping to soon secure a new ‘chariot’ to assist this three month transition to a more sedentary way of life😄!! 

Please do not fret or worry …this is such a small blip on the radar screen of life. It is not life threatening and is NOTHING compared to what your fellow blog readers are facing on a daily basis with critical health, emotional and family challenges! Please keep each other in prayer.

Know my prayers and offerings for each of you and may this Thanksgiving be more meaningful than ever imaginable!! 

Thank you for following our journey!!!

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Yes, home safely!! 


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Floating on the Dead Sea

  Yes…there is Bud….floating on the Dead Sea  on the last day of our pilgrimage-:)!! Looks about as perfect as possible until you spot fellow pilgrim Dan…He is REALLY getting the full experience. The mud cake is suppose to make you younger and healthier-:)!!  We didn’t even recognize him when he came out😄!!! 

 And here are the ‘rules’… 

 Seriously, the ride through the Judean desert was beautiful. Take a look at our last journey of the Pilgrimage.

  The Dead Sea… Where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found by a shepherd boy. We also rode a cable car high above the Dead Sea to Masada, the site of the battle between the Jewish a People and the Romans  


At the airport and off to the USA!!!! How can I ever begin to thank my self sacrificing husband, my college roommate (Molly and her husband Dick Daly) , all the giving ‘charioteers’, Chris for actually physically carrying me down the longest boat ramp that I have ever seen in my entire life–to make sure I was able to experience the ride on the Sea of Galilee, Greg for offering his aisle seat-not once but twice  😄😄😄😄, the prayer warriors, bag carriers and on and on when one has to humbly depend on others–what Lessons Learned!!! Here is Greg raising his hand to help (smile)and with Chris right beside him… 

Thank you ‘charioteers’ for all your kindness—they will never be forgotten!!  


 Thank YOU for following our journey!!!


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The Wailing Wall

 Today, I failed to mention, that we also took petitions and prayer requests to the area designated as the Western Wall or Wailing Wall. This is considered the holiest site in Judaism and is the place to which Jews turn during prayer. Jews wept at this site over the destruction of their temples. It has continued as a place of great prayer. It is always interesting to see men praying on one end of the wall and women praying in their own area on the opposite end of the wall.  This tradition dates back to the 16th century. Since we visited on the Sabbath, sadly no pictures were allowed to be taken. We all honored this sacred request by the tradition of the Jewish faith. A huge thank you to my female ‘charioteer’, Kris, for quickly taking control of the ‘chariot’ and rolling me into the female section of the Wailing Wall. I am sure Bud was eager for a needed break😄👏❤️🎈!!!

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